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Real-time Clarissa: call for a mod team

As you may be aware, following the real-time readings of Dracula and Les Liaisons Dangereuses, which are currently running most successfully at dracula1897 and lesliaisons1782, we're planning to do the same thing with Richardson's mammoth novel Clarissa in January. It's the longest novel in the English language though a very great one, so we're going to need a team to get this working. There will be a variety of jobs that need doing, so you can sign up for anything you're interested in and do as much or as little as you like. For instance:

- creating charts to show which narrators are writing on which dates (currently in progress)
- creating character journals
- copying the letters to the journals from the e-text
- proofreading will probably be beyond us, but it'd be great if anyone with an eye for skim-reading can put the italics back in, they're missing from the e-text
- sorting out cross-referencing and links
- putting the extracts up on the days they're due
- tagging extracts
- creating character icons (knowledge of 18th century art would be great)
- writing character descriptions to help out the people creating icons
- helping with design and layout
- getting discussions going when the extracts are up
- kicking anyone who's behaving like an arse (not likely to happen much here, I'd imagine)

If you're interested, leave a comment here so we can chat a bit, and then apply to join epistolary_mods, a closed community which is where the mods of the real-time reading groups discuss such thrilling matters as icons and proofreading. We're a nice bunch. You don't need to have read Clarissa already, there will still be jobs for you, but it'll help if a few people on the team have done so, and it'll be necessary to have a decent knowledge of the novel for some jobs.
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